A few days ago my original movers backed out on me! Here I was in Northern NJ in need of getting my Richmond, VA apartment packed up and my things moved to NJ. I started to look for movers on Thumbtack and Craigslist for a Saturday morning move. No one was available to do a long distance move with such little notice. My lease ends on June 30 so I frantically contacted some of my Richmond friends to find out if anyone knew of any movers. One of my friends had just received a flyer for Army Strong Movers who amongst other things specializes in NJ and NYC moves! I stepped out on faith and called the number immediately. I got Jonathan and he immediately assured me that they could help me no matter what. He suggested an in the week move and said they could even come out and do it the very next day! I explained that major life changes had me move suddenly from Richmond, VA back to my home state of New Jersey and that I was super stressed that my original movers never got back to me after I had booked them a month in advance and that because of my work schedule there was no way I could be there in person to oversee the move! Jonathan once again assured me that I was in good hands and that Army Strong Movers was the kind of company that does amazing packing, moving, and storage (if need be) and they would quote me a fair price. He told me to leave the moving to them and to not stress. We scheduled the move for 48 hours from the date of our phone conversation. I had a close friend let them into my apartment early Thursday morning and she oversaw the entire move. She text and called me with updates every step of the way and told me these were the most professional movers she had ever seen! She said they packed and moved swiftly. They were there for 4 hours and never dragged their feet like some movers do in hopes of charging an unsuspecting customer more money! That evening Jonathan contacted me with a list of all the materials they used, the weight of my furniture, and a very reasonable quote to move it all the way to Northern NJ! I received my things early Saturday morning and got to see first hand what great movers Army Strong are! Life has been so crazy lately but I am so glad that my friend had that Army Strong Movers flyer! For your local Richmond, VA and LONG DISTANCE moves please contact this company! You will not find more professional, affordable, honest, and hard working movers. Thank you Army Strong Movers for helping me out during my time of need! So happy to have my entire life in one state….New Jersey!